Premium Smokable CBD Flower

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USDA Organic Hemp Available in 3 unique strains. 

Abacus (Indica): CBD%: 17.11 |  D9 THC%: 0.193% |  Flavor Profile: Coffee, Grapes, Earthy

Sour Lifter (Sativa): CBD%: 17.25  |  D9 THC%: 0.125  |  Flavor Profile: Peach, Lemon, Orange

Suver Haze (Sativa): CBD%: 12.89  |  D9 THC%: 0.193  |  Flavor Profile: Fruity and Earthy

Our smokable hemp is a great anti-inflammatory and helps with anxiety, provides unique flavors, and an immediacy of relief unlike most other alternatives. Available in 3.5g and 7g quantities. 

Sativa and Indica are the two main varieties of hemp/cannabis. Indica-based strains are known to provide a deeper, body-focused relaxation; Sativas are typically more energizing and head-focused.